Our Selection

We carry a vast selection of computer hardware and peripherals — including system components such as motherboards, hard drives, graphics cards, sound cards and RAM, printers, mice, keyboards, monitors and accessories. Equally as vast is the range of options we carry in each category — including enterprise-grade options for those who require the assurance, stability and performance characteristics of specialized hardware.
For very specialised requirements, or in the rare situation in which we do not have a specific piece of hardware in stock, we can conveniently order anything you require — and often can guarantee delivery of your item within 72 hours.

Custom Systems

Another of our specialities is in the design and implementation of custom hardware solutions. Whether you require one computer or hundreds, we can deliver a complete system that meets your specific requirements — and even offer you additional managed services or network wiring, if required. Thus, whether it’s a gaming rig, database server, networked workstation, home computer or something else entirely, give us a call, to learn more about how we can provision your computing needs.


We are pleased to offer a range of OEM and brand name components. In the latter category, we offer: