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Adelaide Fringe has engaged with Auswide for 4 years and during this time the professionalism and high level of service from Auswide has been outstanding. Their customer service is excellent; providing help desk assistance, not only from the office but also remotely which works seamlessly. Auswide Management are very competent in their knowledge of current IT safety measures which gives our organisation confidence in our roll out of our business. We could not recommend their services more, they are not only thorough but also exceptionally easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss and explain the work needed.

Lauren Finch

Executive Assistant to the Director And Chief Executive

Adelaide Fringe Festival


Auswide has been the IT support partner of Fairmont Group for 8 years. Fairmont Group is a South Australian company that builds 700 homes per year in SA and through its subsidiaries delivers 400 housing blocks to the SA and QLD markers. Initially Fairmont chose Auswide to replace out internal IT function in an effort to improve network reliability. We were looking for the flexibility, technological ability and extra support you get when the IT function is outsourced. With Auswide we saw an immediate reliability improvement along with better hardware purchasing and consistent maintenance. Auswide Helped us move from traditional telephone system to an internet VoIP product. Recently we moved from our home of 20 years into a fully refurbished office building at Kent Town. Auswide, who consulted during the refurb stage, executed the IT move over the March long weekend. On the Tuesday, 80 Fairmont employees had access to a smooth-running network, phones and internet. Auswide had utilised its considerable team to work around the clock to deliver the required services. Auswide advised on and delivered a new security system which has improved security of our staff and help protect our considerable new asset. During the Covid-19 pandemic staff were able to stay safe by working from home and logging into Fairmont systems from their home PC’s and laptops. We have had a successful relationship with Auswide and hope it continues for some time.

Brett Graham

Chief Finance Officer

Fairmont Group


Auswide has been Zorich Group’s IT Support for over 10 years. Auswide has always gone the extra mile for Zorich Group in all aspects of IT including assisting with our physical retail stores and several e-commerce business’. Auswide has the ability and proficiency to tackle any task, promptly and professionally. Zorich Group are utilising Auswide for Onsite/Remote Support, Networking and Servers, Cloud Servers, CCTV, Vehicle Tracking, General Electrical/Data Cabling, Phone Systems, and much more! The biggest value we find in Auswide is the private link network and the local helpdesk. Those 2 have been game changers! Private link means voip and huge cost savings, it also meant huge increase in uptimes for our business. Local helpdesk is key when dealing with IT you want someone locally to answer not a call centre internationally or interstate trying to talk you through it.

Adrian Zorich

Chief Operations Officer

Zorich Group