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In today’s world, being able to monitor your home or business is increasingly important, to protect against crimes and to help protect your property. To this end, surveillance systems often serve multiple roles — monitoring to ensure any incidents are recorded, acting as a very effective deterrent that often stops incidents in the first place, and even often providing financial benefits, such as lower insurance rates.

Notably, contemporary surveillance systems have advanced dramatically in the past few years — no longer do they require one to settle for limited functionality such as low-quality cameras or unreliable tape-based recorders. Rather, current surveillance systems offer a plethora of options, ranging from high-quality cameras (including a range of wireless options) to hard-drive based recording systems to network-equipped hardware. The result? It is now possible to monitor your surveillance system not just from your home or place of business, but virtually anywhere there is an internet connection — even via your smartphone on the other side of the world.

We are pleased to offer an extremely wide selection of surveillance cameras, recording hardware, and accessories. Backed by our years of experience in system design and installation services, we are truly a full-service provider — meaning we can not only provide you with surveillance system components, but we are also capable of designing your system, selecting the best components for your requirements, installing your system including all necessary wiring, configuring it to your requirements, and even offering training as required.

In other words, we are truly a one stop shop for all your surveillance system requirements. We invite you to drop by to chat about your needs; alternatively give us a call or send us a message!