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Phone & Network Cabling

If you’ve ever dealt with any telephone or network cabling scenario, you know that even what seems simple at first can become very difficult, very quickly! Fortunately, if you require assistance with your phone or network cabling project, you can rely on our years of experience — and avoid the trouble (and tangle!) of virtually any type of network or telephone cabling task.

We have wide-ranging experience in everything from simple home network cabling installs through to complex, multi-floor and datacenter/rack cabling installations, for everything ranging from computers, to network devices, to surveillance systems to telephones. Moreover, all of our work is done reliably and professionally, ensuring that your cabling system will operate as required, meeting both industry and business-specific standards.

The scope of our experience also includes a substantial amount of work in very challenging environments, such as cabling in existing installations that present substantial access difficulties. No matter what the task or situation, though, we are up to the challenge! Please feel free to contact us for more information on any aspect of our cabling services.


For home and small office cable requirements, we are also a leading source for pre-manufactured and bulk cable — we offer everything from basic Category 5 and 6 ethernet cable to theatre-grade home entertainment cables. Call or contact us for pricing.